There are four basic mainstays of knowledge for a Licker. Make sure that your tongue can get through them all, not neglecting a single nook or cranny. Licking doesn't take up much room.


Since the dawn of humankind there have been Lickers on earth. And many of their licks have changed the course of history. Like those of Julius Caesar to Cleopatra or by Monica Lewinsky to Bill Clinton.

All the important licks of the history of humanity are compiled in the Lickipedia, the temple of knowledge for any Licker. Don't hesitate to check it out.


Your tongue is enough to drive anyone crazy. You don't know yet but you'll find out thanks to this millennium-old, ancestral signature.

Through Mrs Kissinger you'll get to know Lickisutra. A compendium of tongue positions to obtain an optimum, natural experience when kissing. But you won't only find out about Lickisutra, but about Lickology too. The analysis of all the tongues to be found in nature.

For some strange reason, in the teacher's lessons there is a never a lack of volunteers to go up to the board.


Some say that it emerged in Ancient Greece as a form of communication between slaves. Others that it was one of the first international spying codes. What we do know for sure is that it improves tongue speed and flexibility, simultaneously helping you to find a partner or get a slap. We're talking about Licken or tongue sign language.

Professor XPerth will teach you how to position your tongue to improve reading and speaking and to be able to exchange “a few words” with Lickers from all around the world.


During the course of history we have seen how tongues have been very present in art. Whether in "The scream with tongue" by Munch or "Tongue and Tigers" by Dali, there is no work that professor Blacksy is not aware of. He will take you by the tongue on a journey around the most representative works of the Lickart movement. From the first cave paintings with bison tongues, to more modern disciplines painted by tongue strokes.