Take a good look at your tongues and remember them.
They are going to train that soft, clumsy mass that you hide in your mouth. And they will hand it over to the world ready to compete in the first division.


The founder of the Lick Academy and the author of the Lickipedia, he has compiled information about the Licker community since the science and art of the lick began to be studied.


Born into a family of doctors, since her youth she has had an in-depth knowledge of the human body and has delved into its possibilities. She specialised in tongue sciences, gaining her PhD in kissing techniques which are compiled in Lickisutra.


Creator of the Licken dictionary, tongue sign language. An expert in codes and very familiar with the types of tongues to be found the length and breadth of the planet, he merged together his two passions when he became part of the Lick Academy: the tongue and teaching.


If a tongue appears in any painting to be found throughout history, he has studied it. He is so familiar with the artistic portrayals of the tongue that people say that just by licking a painting he can tell you what year it is from and where the paints were bought